"N" Connectors: Adapters
"N" Accessory Kit
(RF) 11853A
Hewlett Packard type "N" accessory kit. 50 ohms. Kit contains: 50 ohm short-male, 50 ohm short-female, 2 "N" male-male barrel, 2 "N" female-female barrel.
"N" Male to "N" Male Air Dielectric
(CRF) 34NN50
Wiltron "N" male to "N" male air dielectric. 50 ohms.
$49 each
"N" Connector Adapter
(CRF) UG-27B
"N" connector adapter. Right angle. 90º. Nickel plated. PTFE. Gold pin. Used. Excellent condition.
$9 each
"N" 90º Elbow
(CRF) UG-27D/U
Precision Andrew 10804-66 or SAN-TRON Type "N", 90 elbow. PTFE dielectric.
$13 each - $11.50 (10+)
"N" 90º Elbow
(CRF) UG-27A/S
Type "N", 90º elbow. PTFE dielectric, silver plated. New.
$14 each
"N" 90º Elbow
(CRF) UG-27A/U
Suhner (or others) precision "N" 90º elbow. Used.
$15 each
Type "N" Right Angle Connector
(CRF) KN-99-21
Kings type "N" right angle connector. 75 ohms. Silver.
$45 each
Type "N" Right Angle Elbow
Male - Male
(CRF) KN-99-65
Kings precision type "N" right angle elbow. Male to male. 11 GHz.
$21 each - $19 (6+)
"N" Male to "N" Female
Andrew right angle "N" male to "N" female. 90º elbow. New.
$17 each - $15 (5+)
"N" Bulkhead Double Female
(CRF) UG-30C/U
"N" bulkhead double female. Silver, PTFE, O-ring. 1.5" long.
$17 each - $15 (6+)
"N" Elbow
(CRF) UG27/U
The original "N" elbow connector. Use for the ultimate period-correct station. Circa 1950s.
$6 each
"N" Elbow
"N" elbow connector - radius. 1950s style. Silver, military.
$9 each
"N" Elbow
"N" elbow connector. Mitered. 1950s - 1960s style. Silver, military.
$7 each
"N" Elbow
(CRF) UG-27C/U
"N" elbow connector. Mitered. Mil-Spec. Silver, PTFE. Removed, new condition. Normal tarnish.
$10 each - $9.35 (10+), $8.75 (25+), $7.50 (100+)
"N" Right Angle Adapter
Amphenol type "N" right angle adapter. Nickel / PTFE dielectric. Silver pin. New!!
*** SOLD OUT ***
"N" Tee Connector
Female - Male - Female
(CRF) UG-107/U
Amphenol coaxial connector. "N" tee connector, female-male-female. Silvered. Removable, weatherproof. "Designed to seal UT-141 coax." 3"L x .625"W x .625"H. 500 amps max current rating. NSN: 5935-00-201-2879.
$95 each
"N" Tee Connector
Female - Female - Female
(CRF) UG-28A/U
Silvered, triple "N" female tee jack adapter. Silver plated beryllium copper contacts. 50 ohm impedance. PTFE insulator. Commonly used when 2 dissimilar RF interfaces are to be connected. Amphenol & Winchester brands.
$75 each
"N" Tee Connector
Female - Male - Female
(CRF) UG-107A/U
Amphenol silvered type "N" in-series tee style adapter. "N" double female, "N" male plug.
*** SOLD OUT ***
"N" Tee Connector
Female - Male - Female
(CRF) UG-107B/U
Amphenol "N" type plug to 2 "N" type jack tee connector. Steel body. Female, male, female. 1.75" (tee) x 0.813" (plug) x 1.48"H. Amphenol P/N: 82-102. NSN: 5935-99-943-7278.
$75 each - $65 (10+)
"N" Double Female Inline Adapter
(CRF) UG-29B/U
"N" double female inline adapter. Silver plated, gold pin. PTFE Dielectric.
$15 each
"N" Double Female
(CRF) UG29/U
"N" double female connector. 1950s style. Military.
$8 each
"N" Double Female
(CRF) RFN-1013-1
RF Industries coax adapter, straight. "N" double female. Silver, PTFE.
$13 each
"N" Double Female
(CRF) UG-29A/N
Type "N" double female inline adapter. Gold pin, PTFE dielectric, nickel plated.
$6.95 each - $5.50 (10+), $4.50 (25+)

(CRF) UG-29
Type "N" double female inline adapter. Delrin / plastic dielectric, nickel plated.
$4.95 each - $4.50 (10+), $4.25 (25+)
"N" Double Female
(CRF) KN99-50
Kings "N" double female connector. Straight barrel. Nickel / PTFE / Silver pin. Mil-spec. UG-29.
$9.50 each - $8.50 (10+)
"N" Double Female
11 GHz
(CRF) R161-715-000W
Radiall "N" female - female bulkhead feedthru. 11 GHz. Stainless steel, TFE, gold. 1" square flange.
$12 each - $10.75 (6+)
"N" Double Female
(CRF) 5303
Inmet coaxial adapter. In-series, type "N" double female. 50 ohms, 18 GHz. Passivated stainless steel. Gold plated beryllium copper conductors. Flange mount, 1" square flange.
$24 each
"N" Double Female
Type "N" double female. Bulkhead. PTFE. 7/8"D x 1-9/16"L. Same as UG30D/U but silver.
$17 each - $15 (6+)
"N" Bulkhead Double Female
Panel Mount
Precision manufactured by various companies like Macom, Amphenol, etc. "N" bulkhead double female panel mount. Gold pin, nickel. 1.5" overall length. Removed, excellent condition, looks new!
$12 each - $11 (5+), $10 (25+)
"N" Double Male
(CRF) UG-57B/U
"N" double male. PTFE, nickel. Mil. quality. Removed, excellent condition.
$10 each - $9 (5+)
"N" Double Male
(CRF) UG-57
Type "N" double male inline adapter. PTFE dielectric, nickel plated.
$8 each - $7 (10+), $6 (25+)
"N" Double Male
(CRF) RFN-1014-1
RF Industries coax adapter. "N" double male. Silver plated. PTFE insulation. Gold pins.
$11 each - $10 (10+), $9.30 (50+)
"N" Double Male
(CRF) M55339/05-00057
Kings RF connector. UG-5B/U Mil-spec connector. "N" double male. Silvered with gold pins.
$20 each
"N" Bulkhead
(CRF) KN-99-34
Kings type "N" bulkhead. O-ring seal. PTFE.
$16 each - $15 (5+)
"N" Quick Connect
(CRF) 4727-1
Type "N" 50 ohm double female bulkhead hole mount. One end standard "N" threaded, other end: no threads, made for sliding on standard "N" male. Silver plated.
$14 each - $13 (5+)