Teletype Replacement Keyboard
(EQP) 215828-02
Teletype replacement keyboard. Appears new, shelf worn.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Cortron 81 Key Tactile Keyboard
Japanese (KANA) / English (LATIN)
(EQP) 55-500135
Cortron 81 key ole style tactile keyboard. Has Japanese simplified script (KANA) along with English (LATIN). Has 16 pin header - we have no interface specs available. 7400 series chip logic on main board. Keys are individual monentary and may be desoldered and removed to be built in some other configuration. Has solenoid mounted on back with 6v DC coil. Unknown purpose - noise or user feedback? These appear to be new, they are wrapped in foam with a cardboard ring protecting the solenoid.
Key Dimensions: .0.61" sq each
Overall Dimensions: 17"L x 7-1/2"W x 3"H
*** SOLD OUT ***
(EQP) 1701-KB
Microswitch keyboard manufactured for Sperry Rand; for use with the Univac 1701 VP key punch. A lot of history here - these are new in the box with 4' interface cable and edge cards.
$125 each