Lamp Sockets
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Bi-Pin Socket
75w / 125v
(LMP) 12-75003
Drake bi-pin socket with 9" leads. 75 watts, 125v. Automotive style like T1076 (on our website). Angle bracket for mounting. 0.605" inside diameter.
$1.25 each - $1.10 (10+), 89¢ (100+)
Dialight Corp. Lamp Socket
(LMP) GLM-70-14-5
Dialight Corporation lamp socket for BA9 base. Bayonet lampholder like "Typical" #47. Threaded body and lens. Screw terminals, black body. 210v - 250v (max). 3/8" lens threads. 11/16" body threads.
$10 each
Korry Avionic Lamp Socket
(LMP) 42B3593
Korry avionic lamp socket. Type 109. Use T 3-1/4 lamp like #47 (not included). Top and bottom nuts adjust. Fits 0.64" hole. 0.621"D threads. 1.83" overall length. Up to 3/8" panel thickness.
$5 each
Cockpit Lamp Socket
(LMP) 44A18454
Korry/Beechcraft cockpit lamp socket. Light indicator, press to test. Use T 3-1/4 lamp. No lens included. Fits 0.64" hole. 0.621"D threads. 1.59" overall length.
$8 each
Leecraft Bayonet Lamp Socket
(LMP) 7-19J
Leecraft bayonet lamp socket. Isolated terminals. 1" mounting bracket. Uses standard T3-1/4" bayonet lamp (like #47). 1/2"H shell.
$1.25 each - $1.10 (10+), 95¢ (100+)
Leecraft Clip On Lamp Socket
Leecraft clip-on lamp socket. Bayonet mount, solder terminals. Fits BA15s single contact lamp (automobile size). Both terminals isolation from ground clip. 15mm (BA15).
*** SOLD OUT ***
2 Pin Bayonet
Lamp Holder
(LMP) 680248-1-DS
Two pin bayonet lamp holder. Chrome. 0.6" inside diameter. 3-1/4" long angle bracket. Packed in vacuum tin can in 1953!! NSN: 6250-00-381-5880.
$18 each
Dialco Lamp Socket
(LMP) 26-0410-11-201
Dialco lamp socket. Miniature incandescent indicator (without lens). Accepts T3-1/4 bayonet bulbs. 75 watt, 125v. Solder eyelets. No internal resistor. Any 1/2" lens like (LMP) AMB.5 will fit this socket. 1-3/4" x 13/16". 11/16" hole.
$10 each
Panel Mount Lamp
Socket Assembly
(LMP) 5100-842
Panel monut lamp socket assembly. Red diamond lens. T-1-3/4 bayonet lamps. 100k resistor built in. For neon lamp use such as NE-51. UL and CSA listed. Includes lamp. Removed from equipment.
$18 each
"Drake" Neon
Bayonet Lamp Socket
(LMP) 5100-842/S
Drake neon bayonet lamp socket with built in 100k resistor. 250v, 7-10w, solder terminals. Use with T-3-1/4 Neon lamp NE-51. Panel mount. Lens not included. 1-11/16" x 13/16". 11/16" hole.
$12 each - $11 (6+)
Telephone T2
Bulb Socket
(LMP) LT47
Switchcraft telephone T2 bulb socket. Open frame. Fits T2 bulb like (LMP) 6C2. NSN: 6250-00-186-6410.
$5 each
Miniature Lamp Socket
Drake miniature lamp socket. Push-in with bracket. Fits 0.20" diameter lamp. No threads. Both terminals insulated from bracket.
75¢ each - 60¢ (25+)
Candelabra Socket
(LMP) 4302
Candelabra socket. Both terminals isolated. 1" mounting center on holes for behind panel - spring clip. Alt P/N: Calrad 45-772.
$1.50 each - $1.30 (6+), $1.07 (25+)
Bayonet Lamp
Socket Bracket
Millen bayonet lamp socket bracket. Uses standard T3-1/4 bayonet lamp (like #47). Both terminals insulated from ground frame. Hole accepts 0.44" lens assembly or smaller (not included). Lamp view is perpendicular to mounting hole.
$2.25 each - $2 (10+)
Bayonet Lamp
T 3-1/4 bayonet lamp socket. 2 terminals isolating bracket from power. Removed from equipment. Solder on terminals and frames. Some may even have wire pigtails.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Bayonet Lamp
T 3-1/4 bayonet lamp socket bracket. Single terminal. Bracket/frame is other terminal. Removed from equipment. Solder on terminals and frames. Some may even have wire pigtails.
40¢ each - 32¢ (10+), 25¢ (100+)
Bayonet Lamp Socket
(LMP) 79-4318
Bayonet lamp socket. Isolated terminals. 1-1/8"L mounting bracket. Uses standard T3-1/4 bayonet lamp (like #47). This socket was assembled with a pourous fiber washer on contact rivet. Over time the washer drew in moisture and caused some surface rust (see picture). This socket is useable and discounted big time. These sockets were made in the 1970's and are very good quality. 15,000 available!
75¢ each - 65¢ (10+), 50¢ (100+), 35¢ (1,000+)
Panel Mount
Pilot Light Holder
(LMP) PLH-75
Dialco panel mount, pilot light holder. Threaded socket. Marked 75 watt, 125 vac. 31/32" diameter mount hole.
$3 each - $2.50 (10+)
Pilot Light Holder
Panel mount pilot light holder. Threaded socket fits #46. Both terminals are insulated.
$1.25 each - $1 (10+), 75¢ (100+)
Bayonet Lamp Socket
Bayonet lamp socket. T3-1/4 socket. Ground through clip. 10" lead. Right angle clip base.
50¢ each - 40¢ (10+), 35¢ (100+), 30¢ (500+)
Threaded Base Lamp Socket
(LMP) 2070
Leecraft threaded base socket for #46 lamp or equivalent. Insulated on both terminals above ground. Spring clip for mounting. 0.398" outside diameter on threads.
35¢ each - 30¢ (50+), 24¢ (200+)
T 3-1/4 Bayonet Lamp Socket
(LMP) C20579-01
High quality T 3-1/4 bayonet lamp socket. 2 insulated, isolated terminals. Nickel / cadmium, tinned surfaces. 0.745" bracket to bottom of socket terminal. 0.657" c-c mounting hole to bulb center. 3/16" QC spade terminals may also be soldered. U.S. made in circa 1975. Excellent, pristine condition.
$1.25 each - $1.07 (10+), 90¢ (100+), 75¢ (1,000+)
(LMP) E10
Miniature threaded lamp holder. Point to point wiring / mounting. 3/8"D x 1/2" high. Solder terminals. Fits #46 lamp, T3-1/4 base, . Brass, threaded socket. Made in Japan.
25¢ each - 20¢ (100+), 16¢ (500+), 12¢ (5k+)
Bayonet Lamp Socket
Bayonet lamp socket. Hole mount. T3-1/4 socket. Fits #47. Chrome snap-in base, 0.8" diameter. 36" leads. 5/8" hole required.
$1.85 each - $1.50 (10+), $1.25 (100+)
Bayonet Lamp Holder
Bayonet lamp holder - inline. Black plastic shell. T3-1/4 socket. Fits #47. 24" long twisted lead. 0.568" x 1.05". 1960's surplus. New!!
$1 each - 75¢ (10+)
Eldema Lamp Socket
(LMP) Q-082-4P
Eldema lamp socket. PC board mount. Mates with Eldema C-lites.
$4.75 each